February 2024

$3.2B Cathode Plant: 860 Jobs, Dreams, and Sustainable Growth by 2030

In Clarksville, Tennessee, a remarkable tale of growth and transformation is taking shape. Together, JE Dunn and LG Chem are embarking on a journey to create something extraordinary: a massive $3.2 billion cathode, a key material in an electric vehicle (EV) battery, manufacturing plant. This venture is more than just construction; it’s building dreams, fostering careers and laying the foundation for a sustainable future.

LG Chem’s decision to invest in a massive plant in Clarksville is a historic deal – the largest foreign direct investment Tennessee has ever seen. The plant is the biggest in the U.S., a symbol of economic success for the whole region.

The goal is to produce 60,000 tons of cathode material annually by 2028. That’s enough juice to keep over half a million electric vehicles cruising for 310 miles on a single charge. LG Chem plans to extend its investment to reach $3.2 billion through the next round of construction.

As the plant builds upward, so do the aspirations of the local community, eagerly anticipating the influx of 860 new jobs. The announcement of the plant also carries a special resonance for the soldiers transitioning out of nearby Fort Campbell. The prospect of high-skill, well paid positions present a lifeline for those seeking new horizons after their service.

Tennessee’s strategic location, coupled with seamless access to crucial customers and streamlined transportation for raw materials, adds to its allure for state and local governments. Through their collaborative efforts, they’re transforming this vision into tangible results, positioning Tennessee as the go-to supply chain hub for global customers.

Standing tall at nearly 200 feet, the plant is a remarkable feat powered entirely by renewable energy. This stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of JE Dunn and LG Chem to propel clean energy and EV battery technology forward. The narrative isn’t confined to blueprints alone; it unfolds in the lives impacted, careers shaped, and a community catapulted into a new era of possibilities.