June 2024

Dunn Family Foundation

“There are many things that are more important than the almighty dollar, including helping those in need.” – Mr. William H. Dunn, Sr.

The culture at JE Dunn Construction has been one of philanthropy and giving back to the community since day one. It is a philosophy that was set forth by company founder, John Ernest “Ernie” Dunn Sr., and expanded by his son, Bill Dunn Sr. and grandson, Bob Dunn.

Both Ernie and Bill Dunn’s community efforts were well-known in Kansas City, but quiet acts of generosity went without much notoriety.

Bob Dunn, Bill’s youngest son, started working for the company in 1987, leading the Community Impact department. With his leadership, the family formed the Dunn Family Foundation in 1981, a private charitable foundation through which the family’s legacy of generosity could continue to develop.

Starting small, over time, more and more giving was funneled through the Dunn Family Foundation. The giving emphasis for donations through the Dunn Family Foundation remains the same today as it did in the beginning — enhancing the quality of human life and creating solutions to community needs in the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Led by a family Board of Directors that now includes the fourth generation, the foundation prioritizes programs that enrich the community, help people in need, strengthen spirituality, and promote diversity and inclusion.

Over the past 43 years, the Dunn Family Foundation has served countless charities and educational institutions, donating millions of dollars to those in need. The foundation is managed by JE Dunn’s Community Impact team, which also guides the company’s corporate philanthropy and employee engagement.

Each year, 10% of JE Dunn’s net income is donated to nonprofits across the country, exceeding $12 million in recent years. A national network of Community Ambassadors guides local volunteerism and engagement, with JE Dunn employees dedicating more than 50,000 hours annually to serving others. A 1:1 Employee Match Program, launched in 2020, provides a pathway for employees to support their favorite causes, with a combined impact of $2.06 million in 2023. All told, JE Dunn, our employees, and the Dunn Family Foundation engaged with 1,129 nonprofit organizations in 2023.

The impact the Dunn family has made on the community is immeasurable, and their legacy continues to grow across the nation through JE Dunn and the company’s employees.