February 2024

JE Dunn Has Heart

The JE Dunn Has Heart campaign, benefitting the American Heart Association, has been an important philanthropic effort for JE Dunn employees for 11 years and counting.  

Dan West, a longtime JE Dunn veteran, was inspired to raise money for the American Heart Association after being diagnosed with his own heart issues. What began with West rallying others to join his efforts morphed into an informal relay across JE Dunn offices, with people running, biking, walking, or swimming to raise money for the American Heart Association.  

Upon West’s retirement from JE Dunn, the baton was passed to Omaha’s Corey Erdkamp, a superintendent who continues to lead the charge, teaming up with JE Dunn’s Community Impact department to grow the initiative. 

Now, through Community Impact, the program was named JE Dunn Has Heart, and the company dedicates a solid week to the campaign. Each year, offices identify champions who wish to lead their local effort, participants receive T-shirts, and local events are scheduled throughout the week. In 2023, more than 200 participants from across JE Dunn took part in the campaign, raising $72,150 through local team fundraisers.