February 2024

Delivering Expertise Across Growing Markets

As JE Dunn grew beyond being the premier General Contractor in Kansas City, we were presented with exciting new opportunities to diversify our work program and take advantage of the growing specialization required in many building segments. This positioned the company at the forefront of the industry’s transition to more demanding specialization in many project types. 

JE Dunn has since established clearly defined vertical markets that the company devoted time, personnel, and resources to building. Within the last decade, focus, expertise, and consistency have been fundamental for establishing these verticals. A vertical is a leadership structure and dedicated project teams focused on a specific type of work. Currently, JE Dunn delivers expertise in the Advanced Industries, Aviation, Federal, Healthcare, Justice, Industrial, Mission Critical, and Sports markets.  

“When we look at some of our relatively newer markets, like mission critical and, semiconductor manufacturing – we knew these would require unique expertise and we aggressively pursued growing our teams and our resume,” Paul Neidlein, regional president, explains. While specific, planned strategy has driven many of these decisions, some of our company’s verticals were borne out of an employee’s passion, interest, and insight into untapped, emerging markets.  

JE Dunn recognizes that the expertise we bring to these vertical projects is our main selling point. Our company has dedicated and skilled superintendents, subject matter expertise in preconstruction and construction, critical relationships with specialty trade partners, and project teams that understand the unique characteristics certain jobs bring. Our clients are benefitting from our focused expertise in those areas.