Safety at JE Dunn: A Priority and a Value

The safety of employees, trade partners, and community members is important for any construction project. But at JE Dunn, the focus on safety is more than just a priority, it is part of the company culture.

JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn’s 26 office locations nationwide deeply connect our teams to the communities where they live, work, and build. Read more about our commitment to building local connections and relationships. #JEDunnCentennial #100Years100Stories #JEDunn


100 Years and Still Building On

Through four generations and counting, the success and continued growth of JE Dunn Construction can be traced back through an intricate web of the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

JE Dunn Construction

“The centennial is more than just a celebration of how far the business has come. It’s a time to reflect and recommit to supporting the company’s most important asset: its people.” Tim Dunn. Check out our centennial feature in the Kansas City Business Journal! #100Years100Stories #JEDunnCentennial #JEDunn


Local Faces, National Resources: The Benefits of Local Offices

Building meaningful relationships in local communities across the United States has helped JE Dunn grow in 26 communities.

Delivering Expertise Across Growing Markets

JE Dunn has established defined vertical market to best meet the needs of the industry, clients and within the communities it builds.

JE Dunn Construction

There are many facets to #JEDunn beyond what many people might think about a construction company, such as Aptitude: Intelligent Integration, JE Dunn’s technology integration partner which provides connectivity planning for smart buildings. Click to learn more about the sub-brand. #100Years100Stories #JEDunnCentennial


The Smartest Way to Increase Building Value

With more than 60 subject-matter experts that support 26 markets across the U.S., Aptitude: Intelligent Integration helps bridge the gap between development, construction, and information technology.

JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn President and CEO Gordon Lansford’s leadership philosophy is simple: “If we have the best people and take care of them and their families, everything else will work out well.” During his tenure at JE Dunn, Lansford helped implement the Employee Stock Ownership Program, furthering the company’s commitment to sharing successes with all employees. […]


CEO Gordon Lansford Shapes the Future of JE Dunn

As President and CEO, Gordon Lansford’s focus is on putting people first, knowing that “if we take care of them and their families, everything else will work out well.”