February 2024

Local Faces, National Resources: The Benefits of Local Offices

Relationships are at the heart of JE Dunn and the work we do.  This philosophy is a driver behind not only how every project moves from idea to completion, but also behind how the company’s offices are structured. Across the country there are 26 JE Dunn offices, designed to provide a local presence and expertise in markets that have deeply influenced what JE Dunn is today.  

Austin Meyn and Troy Hodapp, Des Moines Office Leadership, work out of the office in Iowa. Not only are they able to work in their home state, but they have seen incredible growth and success of JE Dunn in the state of Iowa since the Des Moines office opened in 2000. JE Dunn planted its roots in Iowa with the construction of the Allied Insurance Corporate Headquarters (now known as Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company), and from there became engrained in the community. 

They have seen projects grow with partners over time. When a project goes well, strong relationships are built. This success leads to bigger projects and even greater relationships with clients. This model has worked at both the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. Recently, JE Dunn was awarded a large project with the University of Iowa to build the UIHC North Inpatient Tower.  

“Repetitive excellence and consistent, high-quality work led us to a point where owners trust what we do, which helps them when they are making decisions to select a general contractor,” Meyn said.  

“It’s truly the culmination of all of those years of hard work,” Hodapp added. “The University of Iowa and Iowa State projects started small and grew over time.” 

For other markets, like Texas, a permanent local office shows commitment to the community, to the client, and to trade partners that JE Dunn is here to stay. Houston was the first market JE Dunn entered. The company knew that long-term investment was important to establishing a reputation in a city filled with talented and homegrown builders. This has been a huge driver of client and trade partner loyalty as JE Dunn moved into markets across the state. 

“When you think about our clients and trade partners in the cities where we do business, it’s important for us to demonstrate our commitment to the market by establishing a permanent presence,” South Central Region President Greg Lorei said. “These relationships are critical.” 

The Dallas office opened in 1997, and Greg Lorei has been in that office leading JE Dunn’s South Central region since 2013. During that time, he’s seen incredible growth in relationships, in projects and in JE Dunn’s presence and brand in Texas.  

“Seeing JE Dunn and the trust we’ve built with others grow has been incredibly gratifying,” Lorei said. “Building these relationships has been one of the most rewarding pieces of my career. 

JE Dunn has 26 offices, with the latest addition, Santa Clara, California, opening in 2022.